ENCOMMÚN Official is a conceptual women’s wear capsule line, grounded on expanding the narrative of fashion as an art form. Each collection is inspired and designed in dialogue with art to further the conversation, evolving how we view and interact with garments.

The work aspires to exist outside the confounds of time, explore perception as a tool for discovery and embrace contradiction, finding a third proponent in the paradox of two opposing ideas.

The name ENCOMMÚN is an English/Spanish hybrid word that translates into “in common”, a calling to finding areas of commonality through open dialogue.


Our voice is guided by 3 aesthetic principles:

Shape, line, use of color, and contrast

Assertive, unexpected, sensual

Attitude, approach to life


Our goal is to run an organization that respects and values people, animal welfare and nature and to ensure that our partners uphold our standards for both environmental and social responsibilities.

We are 100% designed and manufactured in the US with the majority of our manufacturing partners and vendors local to our design studio in Los Angeles. This means:

  1. We keep a low carbon footprint by producing domestically.
  2. We can build long lasting relationships with our partners and have a real investment and oversight in the welfare of the people working on our products.